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Jay hill


I have taken my passion for health and fitness to the next level of business from training clients at parks and in apt gyms, to opening my own fitness studio. I enjoy helping clients to lose weight, build strength, muscle and to maintain a healthy way of life. Health and fitness is centered in my life and I would love to aid you on your journey for a healthy and fit life style.


amanda hill

NASM Certified

Personal Trainer

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Weight Management Specialist

 My fitness journey hasn’t been the easiest and has had a lot of ups and downs.  It has taken A LOT of hard work and consistency to get back on track, and I am still here working toward my goals. I can definitely relate a lot to my clients and help them through the struggles that most  people face when it comes to fitness and nutrition. I am so excited to work with you all on your fitness journey and we will ROCK this together!


Personal Trainer

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